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Specialist BSc

The Specialist Business Suitcase is a track that is specially designed for private practices. Accountants, Lawyers, Pharmacists, Dentists, Doctors, & Freelancers in general -who are planning to have their own private practices- are special cases of entrepreneurs that need to manage & grow their businesses. By the end of this track the attendee should be able to:

·         Understand the businesses' life cycle.

·         Understand some basics about feasibility study.

·         Understand the basic foundational steps to start a business.

·         Understand the characteristics of a one-man-show business.

·         Enhance his Planning, Organizing, Directing & Controlling Skills.

·         Enhance his leadership skills.

·         Capitalize on his interpersonal skills.

·         Learn how to raise a second line staff.


Track Prerequisites: General BSc