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Welcome to Better Built



Better Built is a training & development company that was established in 2015 seeking to enhance the triangulation relationship between personal life, professional life and labor market needs.

Our methodology in trying to achieve that concentrates on the individual as the building block of the society, hence focusing on his built from inside-out through group of concentric circles.

Our Core Values Are

I. Guidance

We do not force change; we show the way & hope for the best.

II. Inside-out

We work to make deep, thorough, permanent, useful impact on our clients.

III. Kaizen

Continuous incremental improvement; we walk an extra 5 centimeters forward every day to improve our products, team, facilities, approaches, & procedures.

IV. Innovation

We don’t go for what is known, we go for what works even if we're the only ones doing it.

V. Fun

We make sure our clients are enjoying the ride.., As we are.

VI. Passion

We love making difference.

VII. Commitment

We said it, we do it... & we don’t give up until you do.

Our Mission Is


To innovatively provide guidance to people & entities to help them develop thoroughly while enjoying the ride with our passionate committed team, believing that success is Better Built from inside-out through continuous improvement of working practices.




Our Vision Is



To become one of the most trusted training & development companies in Egypt in the fields of Personal & Professional lives; by creating an innovative, yet simple, atmosphere that even a little kid would enjoy acquiring his life skills at.